Time to Update Roster Data


It's that time of the year again. Time to check your old roster and get any corrections or additions to us. Send them to Maureen ASAP. (m.samuels@twc.com)


Our Local Ghost Ship


Got this link from my daughter-in-law and wanted to share it with our readers. http://queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-ghost-ship.html

A Monthly Dinner Meeting

2/16/14 by David Robertson
Feb Meeting LSPS

Attend one of our next dinner meetings and perhaps you will make the front page also. Find details HERE.

Buying a Boat, Preserving the Value, and Selling When it's Time

June 15, 2013

For those of you who missed George East's great presentation at the last dinner meeting, click here to see a summary. Thanks George, stop in again.

LSPS Makes News

May 23, 2013

Use the link below to see the recent Boating Safety Week appearances by Kim Fisher, David Lynch, and Ed Ice on WHAS. Good job getting the message to the public and our organization some area exposure. WHAS Morning Show Broadcasts.

Picture Gallery

December 2, 2012

Some iconic views along our river banks. Picture Gallery Share a few of yours by send them to: dennislorenz@aol.com. Don't worry about formatting or size. 

Tom, Margie, and the Great Loop

October 28, 2012

Tom and Margie Binzer along with another couple from the Blue Grass Power Squadron left the beginning of this month to travel the Great Loop for a year in their 37 foot Main Ship trawler. You can follow their progress on a blog. (Blewgrassloopers) Currently on a side trip up the Tennessee River to Chattanooga they will return to the Ten-Tom waterway and turn south toward Mobile AL with the winter weather hopefully astern.

Blew Grass Crew

I encourage you to use the link above to follow their trip through delightful word pictures and photos. To enjoy it even more travel along with them via "Google Earth". If you don't already have this marvelous and free program on your computer here is the link (Google Earth Download). After a little learning curve you will wonder how you have lived without it. Enter a place they write about in the search box and zoom directly to it. From there you can pan and zoom along the waterway or into town. A link is provided to “Google Maps” where using a feature called “Street View” you can walk the sidewalks and almost read menus posted in the windows. (I am waiting for a button to smell bakeries) On both are links to almost everything in the area.

Don Owen, Dennis Lorenz, and other crew members along the way just completed a trip bringing Don's 38' Bayliner from Williamsburg North Carolina to Tartan's Landing along many of the same waterways they will travel. (We envy their leisurely pace and side trips) Every mile was researched in enough detail to see sandbars, buoys, and individual slips in Marinas using the techniques above.

Although you can't experience the spectacular Tennessee fall colors they will see, you can through their blog stow aboard 'Blew Grass' for a vicarious journey from your landside perch. Thanks and good luck Tom, Margie, Tony, and Stephanie (ED)